7-8 September SLAVIC DAY 🍻 in Beerfest 🍺

Slavic Day Menu:

🔴 Olivier salad (ОЛИВЬЕ) - $10
🔴RYE BREAD (ХЛЕБ РЖАНОЙ) - $3 (2 slices)

Only fresh brew and serve at Beerfest Brewery Singapore 🇸🇬
Kvass is a traditional Slavic fermented beverage commonly made from rye bread, known in many Eastern European countries, and especially in Ukraine and Russia as black bread. The color of th...

In January 1698 a Russian diplomatic mission arrived in London, setting up shop in informal lodgings near the waterfront. Sent by Peter the Great, Emperor of All Russia, the mission had spent the months previous in the Netherlands studying shipbuildi...

Beer is the perfect companion for food because it has a range of complex flavors and interacts with the flavors in your food. Even before eating, beer stimulates your appetite and starts working to make the food better. It’s important to match the fl...

As wonderful as Singapore food is, sometimes you want to try something a little outside of your comfort zone. Russian food is a delicacy that often gets overlooked. When people think of Russian food they think of cabbage, tomato soup, and vodka. Here...

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