The Russian Foods You Need to Know

As wonderful as Singapore food is, sometimes you want to try something a little outside of your comfort zone. Russian food is a delicacy that often gets overlooked. When people think of Russian food they think of cabbage, tomato soup, and vodka. Here are some of the Russian foods you need to know.


Pelmeni is a kind of small dumpling filled with meat, mushrooms, and other fillings wrapped in dough. There are a lot of different varieties to enjoy. Think of it as a cross between a jiaozi from China and a pierogi from Poland. They became so popular because they preserve well when frozen, which is a common state of being in Russia. It’s also super easy to cook them; just boil frozen Pelmeni and watch them get plump.


Borscht is one of the most popular beet soups in Russia and can be served hot or cold. Russia is packed with beets, and every Russian menu offers some variety of Borscht. The soup can be modified with things like cabbage and potatoes, and tastes great at any temperature. It’s also why Russians tend to avoid having white carpets!


Blini is a kind of thin pancaked rolled up like crepes. There’s a real French influence to Russian food, and the blini is an obvious example of this. These pancakes are thicker than crepes and generally filled with cream. Sometimes they are even served with caviar, making this one of the fanciest French/Russian foods around.