Beer and Food Pairings

Beer is the perfect companion for food because it has a range of complex flavors and interacts with the flavors in your food. Even before eating, beer stimulates your appetite and starts working to make the food better. It’s important to match the flavor of the beer to the lavor of your food, so here’s a look at some of the best beer and food pairings for craft beer in Singapore.

Cheese and Pizza

Everyone knows that cheese should be paired with wine, but what you might not know is that beer is the best match for cheese. Wine covers up the flavors of the cheese, while carbonated beer lifts the fats of the cheese and makes it less acidic. Whether you’re eating cheese, cheese salad, pizza, or even a sandwich, you should pair it with your favorite beer. Go for a darker lager for a stronger cheese.

Chicken, Seafood, and Pasta

There is one golden rule with dishes such as chicken, fish, and pasta, and that is to avoid overpowering them with beer. This is why you want to choose a lighter drink. Combining chicken or fish with a light German beer is great, but you’ll need a heavy and rich beer if there are creams or sauces added. Pasta is a bit more versatile but works just as well with similar brews such as American wheat ales.

Fried Foods

Who doesn’t love a bowl of fries or some other fried goods? Fries tend to have a very light flavor profile, so you want to pair them with a Singapore craft beer that can cleanse your palate. You need a beer that can cleanse your palate without getting rid of the salty flavors of the food. We recommend a light lager such as Samuel Adams or Stella Artois.

Burgers and Steaks

Most people enjoy mixing their stake with a cabernet, but you might want to use a darker and heartier craft beer like a stout to balance a bigger meat. You need to find a beer to match the meet. You need to balance the sweet malt and the bitter hops. Any big or meaty meal like beef should be matched by a beer that is bold enough to match, such as a porter or stout.

Spicy Foods

Spicy foods like buffalo wings and Thai food are best when mixed with a light lager; the more hops it has the better as hops take away some of the edge from the spice. There’s not much better for spicy dishes than Mexican lagers. The spice of the hops slice through the spice of the food, bringing out the best in the beer and the food.


Stouts have a little taste of chocolate in them that goes well with rich desserts like brownies. Having a fruit-based lager also offers a nice contrast to the sweet treat. Not everyone considers combining beer and dessert, but there are a lot of flavor combinations waiting for people willing to mix fruity beers and pudding.